“A Day At The Spa”

Can You say… Meeeooow!

The Cat’s Meow Veterinary Hospital of Myrtle Beach, can help with the grooming of your feline friends. We understand your concern when someone sits on your couch and leaves with a backside of cat hair. Ha ha.

An important thing to learn is that short hair or long hair really doesn’t make a difference, they both shed. Daily brushing or combing with the proper tool for your particular breed of cat can help. A process called furminating also helps with shedding on some cats. This involves a bath, including a shedding solution, then uses a special shedding tool. This should be done at a professional groomer for best results. They will know your cat’s hair type and decide on the best shampoo and conditioner.

Matting on the cats can be another concern for owners. Again, it does not matter if the cat has long or short hair. Some older cats or overweight cats can no longer groom themselves as well and will tangle down their backs and hips. Arthritis may make it hard for some to get to certain spots.

Most of you are nervous that you may be hurting your cats by combing too hard to remove a mat. Some try to use scissors to cut out the mat and have made the big mistake of cutting your cat’s skin. Cats have very thin skin. This is a no no! Let a professional use electric cat grooming clippers.

We will now apologize in advance for laughing out loud at some of the stories of owners attempting to give their cats a bath. Not to make you feel bad, but bathing is the easy part. They don’t even seem to mind the fluff and puff with a blow dryer.

Grooming is a very natural thing to a cat and something they can readily understand if properly approached and then properly done.

After working for many years as a vet tech and cat groomer, Kim Hurley created the Cat’s Meow Veterinary Hospital of Myrtle Beach. This is a special place as a only cat exclusive facility in the Myrtle Beach area offering quality veterinary care, luxury boarding and yes, cat grooming!

You can schedule your feline friend for a relaxing day at the spa. Whether they need a hair cut, a warm bath, or a new set of colored nail tips, your kitty will feel the loving care of our gentle touch dedicated groomers.

Grooming is a necessary part of cat care. Those living inside with us get artificial cold/hot air in the summer and winter. Cats naturally shed in the spring and again in the fall. They will also shed during times of stress. If they happen to pick up fleas, then we are really going to see some shedding. Your cats will tend to over-groom themselves to get rid of an irritating flea and as a result, swallow a great deal of hair. I am sure we have all at one time or another squished our bare feet into a nice hairball pile on the floor. Yuck!

The groomers at the Cat’s Meow Veterinary Hospital of Myrtle Beach, are specially trained by Kim to work with even the most reluctant cat, all without sedation! A few minutes of fussiness is less harmful than sedating your cat every time it needs grooming. They get over their mood pretty quick. Unless, of course, they do not agree with your choice of their hairstyle. Then, it is very important to tell them how wonderful they look to boost their confidence.

Less is always better with cats. They simply do not like to be restrained. You can start with short combing sessions and then give them a break. For example, when they are fussy, it could be because you are combing one of their “off limits” areas. A groomer can give a trim to their private area (better known as a “potty trim”). Many owners also have trouble combing the stomach area, which can also be trimmed by a groomer. There is a popular cut many owners choose called a lioncut, which makes your cat look like a male lion! Some people love this look and others use it as a last resort because their kitty has too many tangles to comb out or they simply want less hair to shed.

Grooming schools teach few, if any, skills in cat grooming. It is understandable to expect that you as kitty owners do not know what to do. Working with a sometimes frightened cat in regards to a hair cut or bath takes a lot of patience.

Understanding how they feel and observing body language is key. A gentle touch and loving soft words go a long way. Many people are afraid of the hissing and growling you sometimes hear. Kim just tells them that they are too cute for such bad language! Haha!

No matter how you look at it, you and your feline will be happier using a professional groomer, especially one that specializes in felines only like the Cat’s Meow Veterinary Hospital of Myrtle Beach.

The Cat’s Meow Veterinary Hospital of Myrtle Beach offers loving-touch, gentle grooming. Because we understand your cat’s language, sedation is rarely necessary.


Basic Groom includes comb out, bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, glands expressed, blow dry fluff and puff!
Flea Bath


Tummy Trim
Sanitary Trim
Lion Cut
Lamb Cut (shorter than a Lion cut)
Teddy Bear Cut (one inch hair from head to tip of tail)


Nail Trim
Soft Paws



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