Whether you will be gone for a couple days or a week, Cat’s Meow Veterinary is the best choice for quality accommodations for your feline friend. We offer various types of boarding from an extra-large cage to walk-in suites. Some suites have inside windows looking down the hall and others give an outside view of birdfeeders. Your kitty could vacation in Frenchie’s Chateau, Harry’s Hotel or Victoria’s Villa to list a few of our suites, all named after our owner’s beloved cats of past and present.

We understand that when it comes to the care of your cat, only the best will do. Our technicians and kennel staff will give any medications your cat may be on and be sure to alert you should any problems arise. If your cat is not already our patient, one of our 2 full-time veterinarians can examine them to address the issue and treat. If necessary, we can also contact your regular veterinarian.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff consists of cat lovers just like yourself, so you can rest assure that your cat is receiving the absolute best care. We give plenty of individual, loving attention, including play time and catnip parties! If you would like photos of your kitty sent to you while you are away, just let us know! .

Cat Suites include cat bed, cat tree, food station and litter box. 

Cat Cages include small cat tree, cat bed, feeding station and litter box 



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