You Know You Are A Crazy Cat Lady When...

You have so many tall cat trees in your house that they become just as important to you as your cats. I'm sure many of you are not especially keen on the idea of an eight foot carpet/sisal rope monstrosity becoming part of your household. I'm here to give you some reasons (one crazy cat lady to another) why I have seven ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet.

If placed properly, you can actually blend them into your décor. Choose the right colors and use fake green trees and plants to surround them. This makes a nice inviting atmosphere of nature in your home and is fun for your kitties to feel like they are actually outside climbing trees. Need another end table beside the couch? A small one will work just fine here. Just make sure a cat isn't on it when you want to sit the book you were reading down. I also suggest finding room for one in the bedroom. Hopefully, at least one will choose to sleep on it to give you a little more room in the bed!

I have also found my cat trees to come in handy for laundry. I use the tall tree with round buckets to hang my scrub uniforms as I match the pants with the tops. Paquito likes to play hide and seek behind the clothes. Of course, he gets cat hair on them sometimes before I can even wear them to Cats Meow!

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