"The Cat Lady" - Kim Hurley

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"The Cat Lady"
Kim Hurley

No, she not the 'Crazy Cat Lady'! But you can read about her here.

No one knows and loves felines like Kim Hurley. Her life is dedicated to the beloved cat.

As a young girl, I spent time each summer at my Grandma's (Mema) house. There, I discovered adorable little furry felines living in the building where Mema stored all her jars of the yummy garden foods she spent the summer canning. These felines were on the 'wild side', which I now know are called feral. It was my goal to hold and love on these little cuties. So, I began to tame them by catching them in a burlap potato sack and feeding them every morning and night. It was here that 'Cat Lady Kim' was born!

After graduating from business college and working in the corporate world of PR and Marketing, the 'Cat Lady' felt something was missing. It was time to make a change and do something she loved. Well, Kim loves cats, so she studied Veterinary Science with ICS college and interned at The Cat Care Clinic in Naples, Florida. That led to 10 years of working at the cat's only hospital as a Manager and Vet Technician.

After moving to Myrtle Beach to be near her parents, Kim worked at several local veterinary hospitals. Beginning to miss the 'cats only' atmosphere, Kim decided it was time to act. In 2004, The Cat's Meow was opened. It started in a small 1,000 sq. ft. building in the shopping plaza off of 544. Kim hired a veterinarian and began offering basic medical services such as vaccines and spays and neuters to the cat loving public. She also built a fancy boarding facility and specialized in cat's only grooming like the popular Lioncut.

The Cat's Meow became very involved in helping non-profit cat rescue groups, such as Sav-R-Cats, with spays and neuters of stray cats. Within less than a year, the business was growing so fast that the 1,000 sq. ft. building was bursting at the seams. Luckily, in the same shopping plaza, a much bigger location became available. Kim quickly moved to make it Cat's Meow Veterinary Hospital's new home. With more than double the amount of square footage, there was now more room to expand the hospital part of the business. Now, it is time for another move!! Cat's Meow has outgrown its second location.

With two full-time veterinarians and a fantastic client base, we need more room again! After 10 years in business, there are now many more rescue groups to help. Sav-r-Cats was the first, but now we also work with Bikini Beach Cat Rescue, Safe Haven, Whiskers Animal Rescue, Kind Keepers, Friends of Horry County and many individuals all striving to improve the stray cat situation in Myrtle Beach. We are now in a 5,000 square foot facility on the access road off of Hwy. 17 Bypass near Market Commons. You can turn on Palmetto Pointe Blvd. or come in off of 707 near the Channel 13 building and the McDonald's.

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